About us

About us

Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm

“When there is a problem, there is a solution!”

Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm was established in 2018 by Georgi Georgiev and Dimitar Petrov – lawyers from the Sofia Bar Association. In the same year, the two managing partners succeeded to strengthen their authority as professionals in providing advice to citizens and companies.

In 2019, Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm expands its team by including legal advisers and attracts external associate lawyers in order to further enrich the areas of activity in which the firm has professional expertise. Driven by their sense of justice and the desire to help more and more people to gain access to justice and protect their rights, in early 2019 the platform Delikti.bg was created.

Since 2020, Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm has been actively involved in the development and consulting of projects in the field of energy and in particular – projects using energy from renewable sources in Bulgaria.

The numerous won lawsuits help us to enrich our arsenal of procedural tricks and moves, which will significantly increase the chances of winning the cases of our trustees.

The main areas of our practice include commercial law, contract law, property law and administrative law, as well as the protection of personal data.

Our young and energetic team has extensive and long-term experience in various fields of law. We work with an associate tax consultant, which allows our clients to receive legal opinions that are always harmonic with their financial and tax problems.

Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm strives to provide perfect in quality and predictable in value legal and accounting services. We know that our success in legal and business terms is determined by the successful implementation of our clients’ projects and therefore we consult them in the best way according to their individual needs. We believe that what sets us apart is that we work with the client, not for the client.

The managing partner Georgi Georgiev has been a practicing lawyer since 2018. Prior to that, he worked as a legal adviser in various legal fields – commercial law, insurance law, contract law and inheritance law. Since 2019, attorney Georgiev has been actively working in the field of energy, intellectual property and tort law. Working languages: Bulgarian, English, French. tel.: +359 883 333 797 e-mail: georgiev (at) gplawbg.com

tel.: +359 883 333 797

e-mail: georgiev (at) gplawbg.com

The partner Dimitar Petrov has been a practicing lawyer since 2016 and has many years of experience as a legal consultant in several large commercial companies, including „Toplofikacia Sofia“ EAD. Attorney Petrov specializes in the field of civil law and administrative law. He has close specialization in successful court proceedings against monopolists in the field of utilities. He is a PhD student in the Department of General Theory of Law at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

tel: +359 888 886 650

e-mail: office (at) gplawbg.com

Attorney Borislav Simplichev has been enrolled in the Sofia Bar Association since 2020. He works and has in-depth knowledge and practical experience in company law, property law and energy law. His experience includes successful completion of numerous cases related to real estate regulation, real estate transactions and solving problems with general and detailed development plans. He is an expert in the preparation of legal opinions and analyzes of the legal framework. Working languages: Bulgarian, English.

tel.: +359 885 937 928

e-mail: simplichev (at) gplawbg.com

Marin Sarafov

Lawyer Marin Sarafov has been enrolled in the Sofia Bar Association since 2019. He has knowledge and practical experience in commercial, company and contract law, acquired in an international corporate office in serving both local and foreign clients entering the Bulgarian market.

tel.: +359 882 353 935

e-mail: sarafov (at) gplawbg.com

Nikolay Dimitrov

Lawyer Nikolay Dimitrov has been enrolled in the Sofia Bar Association. He has experience in the field of procedural representation, insurance, administrative and public law. He has participated in a non-governmental organization dealing with the assessment of legislation. He has many years of experience in the legal regulation of private security. Working languages: Bulgarian, English.

tel.: + 359 884 365 707

e-mail: ndimitrov (at) gplawbg.com

Anabel Manastirska

Anabel Manastirska is a legal adviser at the Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm. She has experience in the field of contract law, family law and private international law. Annabel has extensive experience in the field of European Union law, in particular Regulation № 261/2004. She works with attention to detail and professionalism to each individual case. Working languages: Bulgarian, English.

tel: +359 899 731 570

e-mail: manastirska (at) gplawbg.com

Kristiana Tincheva

Kristiana Tincheva is a legal associate at the Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm. She specializes in the field of property law, energy law, as well as in the field of administrative law and administrative process. She actively deals with the protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities in the proceedings for expropriation of private property for state or municipal needs. She has knowledge and experience regarding the liability of the state and the municipalities for damages and measures against money laundering.

tel.: +359 888 461 616

e-mail: k.tincheva (at) gplawbg.com

Gabriela Kostova

Gabriela Kostova is an associate at the Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm. Gabriela is a law student at Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”, 4th year. She specializes in the law firm by supporting the work of the lawyers and conducting research on various legal topics. The challenges in her work help her to constantly develop her skills and knowledge, combined with her good theoretical training.

Working languages: Bulgarian, English and French

tel.: +359 889 206 500

e-mail: paralegal1 (at) gplawbg.com

Aniniya Nenkova

Aninia Nenkova is a law associate at the Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm. Aninia is a law student at Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”, 5th year. He specializes in the law firm, supporting the work of lawyers and conducting research on various legal topics. He is interested in the field of family and inheritance law, civil proceedings and property law. Working languages: Bulgarian and English.

tel.: +359 878 496 111

e-mail: paralegal1 (at) gplawbg.com

Company values

We are open and honest

We strive to acquaint our clients with all the risks and to provide them with a realistic forecast of the expected result of our cooperation. At Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm we believe that this is the successful approach. Our company provides its clients with complete legal services, as well as services related to specific projects or legal issues. For privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose the names of many of our customers, but you can read reviews of some of them on our homepage.

Last but not least, we believe that with the use of external legal services, our clients receive better quality service from a whole team of specialists. The provision of such services also represents an accounting expense, respectively reduces the taxable profit of the company, eliminating the tax and insurance burden for the employer when using an internal consultant when it comes to a client company.

The team of Georgiev and Petrov Law Firm