Our mission

Experienced enough to understand the problem. Flexible enough to find an individual solution!

GPLAW solves complicated legal issues for a variety of clients in finance, retirement, health care, and the public sector

Our story

“Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm” was founded in 2018 by Georgi Georgiev and Dimitar Petrov – lawyers from the Sofia Bar Association.

In the same year, the two managing partners managed to consolidate their reputation as professionals in providing advice to individuals and companies.

The numerous won lawsuits help us to enrich our arsenal of procedural tricks and moves, which will significantly increase the chances of winning the cases of our trustees.



Won civil cases



Satisfied customers

How we have changed over time

In 2019, Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm expands its team by including legal advisers and attracts external associate lawyers in order to further enrich the areas of activity in which the firm has professional expertise. Driven by their sense of justice and the desire to help more and more people to gain access to justice and protect their rights, in early 2019 the platform Delikti.bg was created.

Since 2020, Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm has been actively involved in the development and consulting of projects in the field of energy and in particular – projects using energy from renewable sources in Bulgaria.

The numerous court battles we have won help us to enrich our arsenal of procedural tricks and moves to increase the chances of winning our clients’ cases.

Our young and energetic team has extensive and long-standing experience in various areas of law. We work with associates from different fields, which allows our clients to receive legal opinions that are always tailored to all points of view.