Founded in 2018 by Georgi Georgiev and Dimitar Petrov, the Georgiev and Petrov Law Firm has been steadily growing, reaching a team of nearly 30 people within six years. The firm brings together experts in various fields of law, each with unique expertise and an individual approach.

Following the natural course of growth and development, the law firm has reached a point where change is necessary. “The growth of our team and capacity, along with our focus on corporate law, suggested to us that the company needs a new visual identity that aligns with the direction we are moving in,” shares lawyer Georgiev about the change.

The new brand for Georgiev and Petrov Law Firm is G&P Law, reflecting their aspiration to provide the highest quality of legal services.

“With our renewed corporate vision, we aim to embody the modern spirit of digitization and the energetic, motivated team that works daily for the success of our clients. The visual change is part of our overall development as a company,” adds lawyer Petrov.

The company is moving forward, driven by the desire to succeed and centered around the needs of our clients. That is why the new slogan is “Client-centric. Success-driven.” This change aligns with our principles and goals – to be closer to you and provide the highest quality of legal services.

Published on: 19/06/2024