Procedural representation:

Procedural representation:

Procedural representation

What services does the team of Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm offer in the field of procedural representation?

• Procedural representation before all courts in Bulgaria in civil, commercial and administrative cases;

  • Preparation of claims, responses to claims, objections, requests ,petitions, appeals, written notes, statements of grounds for admitting a cassation appeal and other necessary documents, as well as participation in open court hearings;

  • Procedural representation in insolvency proceedings, representation in creditors’ meetings, as well as in claim proceedings related to insolvency proceedings;

  • Procedural representation in domestic and international arbitration cases before arbitration institutions;

• Procedural representation in precautionary proceedings;

• Procedural representation in enforcement cases before state and private bailiffs.

спечелени дела

Адвокатско дружество „Георгиев и Петров“ има над 260 спечелени съдебна дела в своята практика

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