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Corporate clients

Our corporate clients find in us not only a trusted advisor and advocate, but also a partner they can rely on for every case or project of their business

Energy law

Assistance to investors in the development, construction and operation of energy facilities, including photovoltaic power plants and renewable energy sources. Legal and business analysis of projects, preparation of transaction documents. Legal consultations for conducting business in the field of energy. Representation before the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation and the competent authorities.

Insurance law

Consultation and assistance in the selection and conclusion of insurance contracts, assistance
in the payment of insurance compensation, negotiations between injured parties and
insurance companies. Legal representation in claiming damages.

Trademarks and Intellectual Property

Identification, registration and protection of trademarks and copyright. Registration of patents and utility models. Drafting of license agreements, transfer of trademarks, etc.

Contract law and commercial transactions

Drafting of documents and consultation for contracts, agreements and commercial transactions. Drafting of a plan, consultation and conduct of commercial negotiations. Assistance in revision and termination of contracts. Due diligence – economic, financial and tax research of companies. Study of licensing and regulatory regimes. Market analy

Real Estate and Zoning Planning

We can assist you with real estate acquisitions, zoning issues, zoning regulations, construction contracts, etc.


Litigation before all courts in Bulgaria in civil, commercial and administrative disputes. Legal representatives before arbitration courts in the country and abroad, in enforcement cases before state and private bailiffs. Preparation and response to claims, objections, demands, complaints, written notes, etc. Participation in court hearings

Company and Corporate Law

Commercial law is an integral part of the life of any commercial company that is active on the market. You can concentrate on the realisation of your business ventures, and leave to us the whole range of legal services that every business needs on a daily basis.

individual persons

Main areas of individual persons:

Family and inheritance law

Matters of family and inheritance law are always delicate for every person.That’s why we take these relationships extremely seriously and are here to provide you with with legal expertise, backed by understanding to achieve what is best for you.

Real Estate

Sooner, or later, every person faces a real estate transaction in their life – we are here to help you make that transaction go smoothly.

Labor law

Preparation of employment contracts and job descriptions. Defense in cases of illegality
dismissal, payment of benefits, reinstatement. Workers’ compensation accidents and occupational diseases.

Administrative Law

Consultations and assistance in issuing administrative acts. Consultation and preparation of documents for registration under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Assistance in the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship and work permit for foreigners

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