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Family and Inheritance Law

Services offered by Georgiev & Petrov Law Firm in the field of family and inheritance law

  • Advice in the field of family law;
  • Defense in cases about incapacity mandates;
  • Advice on choosing or changing the matrimonial property regime;;
  • Advise, assistance, and representation in divorce cases, the exercise of parental rights, the regime of personal relations between parents and children, limitation and deprivation of parental rights;
  • Prosecuting and defending cases for the award or modification of maintenance;
  • Protection and assistance in establishing or contesting parentage;
  • Assistance in protection from domestic violence;
  • Advice on inheritance law issues;
  • Assistance in acceptance and renunciation of inheritance;
  • Making, declaring, opening, and contesting wills;
  • Protection and assistance in voluntary or judicial division of inheritanceо;



According to offcial data, there were over 26,000 civil marriages in Bulgaria in 2021!

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