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Real estate

What services in the field of property law and real estate transaction can we provide?

  • Research on the property law – status of real estate;
  • Advice on acquisition and disposal of movables and real estate;
  • Provision of sketches and diagrams, as well as certificates of tax assessment, security certificate, certificate of solvency/tax certificate of the competent tax office;
  • Conduct negotiations;
  • Assistance in obtaining permits and other construction documents, design visas, approval of investment projects, building permits, permits for right of use;
  • Litigation of property disputes; Legal representation before a court of law in matters of property;
  • Preparation of preliminary contracts and deeds; Preparation of advance contracts and notarial deeds;
  • Preparation of property lease agreements;
  • Assistance in voluntary /contractual/ or judicial partition of inheritance;
  • Representation before notary, state, and municipal offices;
  • Establishment and recording of collateral and guarantees under contracts – mortgages, pledges, etc..;
  • Property management.



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